Hello world!

Warm welcome to our new site. We’re still building the site, so please bear with us – but we hope that what you see gives you a flavour of how we work and what we can do for you. Most of the work we have done over the past 17yrs, has been for other companies, architects, design agencies, and most recently, international shopping owners – so we can’t publish a lot of that here due to copyright and NDAs. We can tell you that we’ve worked with most of the top 20 retail landlords in the UK on their shopping centres and mixed use developments across the UK. We’ve also worked with a number of financial institutions and retailers on their offices, shops and real estate standards. We have worked on design standards, fit-out guides, construction standards and provided advice on upgrades and adjustments to shell specifications to ensure best fit for prospective tenants. Not only have we provided guidance on the look and feel standards, we also provide technical input and approval, where needed, to ensure that the way that these spaces are designed and built, meet the best practise in their sector and seek to deliver environmentally sustainable solutions. As well as our experience in commercial real estate, we love to design homes. We work on new build, renovations and extensions, working alongside your design team to deliver amazing every time. Check out our client testimonials!