Café Brera

Cafe Brera asked us to support the development of a new version of their successful cafe business. The new location was in trendy Hampstead Heath, converting an old retail unit (formerly Kurt Geiger) into a new bistro with outside seating.

Part of the brief included creating new Instagrammable moments at key points through the cafe, and developing the new interior concept for this location. The intention is that the business’s new approach for sites would be introduce unique experiences at each location.

Drawing on the strong Italian themes in the food and drink offer – as well as the long-established threads of the brand (which go as far as bespoke printed floor tiles) – the new concept included the idea that lemon groves would be built into the interior, with elements at the entrance, the new bar and a tucked away seating area at the back which provided privacy and a cosy setting. The staircase would be updated to reflect a traditional Italian street, with faux windows built with views, including the traditional timber blinds often found. Bold colours along with quality touches of brass and ceramic reinforce the idea that this cafe was a little bit of Italy in North London.

The Instagram moments were designed to add a sense of fun. Bright faux neon signs acting as the backdrop to a swing seat, deep window cills as a seat the bottom of the stairs. Bold bright patterns even in the toilets downstairs all added to the theatre of the space.

Current Status: Works delayed on site due to cost challenges.

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