What We Do

Fit & Proper Design is a unique offer, because we have three areas of expertise:

  1. We love to create amazing homes, whether its adapting existing ones, or building new. We’ve a track record of delivering great spaces, making best use of tight sites, and going above and beyond the client’s expectations.
  2. We love designing buildings – churches, concept museums, small office blocks – our experience working for commercial architects means we can apply this knowledge to your project, in a much more dynamic way.
  3. We love to work with Landlords/ Developers/ Operators of mixed use buildings, to help ensure that the retail spaces are not only created to work for the modern retailer, but also help deliver the retail operator into the space, ensuring that the design of the fit-out meets the expectations of the site, and enhances the locality, whilst working in a collaborative way with all stakeholders.

We do all of this, whilst working to our values – which are central to our designs and advice.