Welcome to Fit & Proper Design – a design company offering tailored solutions to Buildings & Interiors.

Need to refresh your space and add some creative touches that echo your tastes? Are you planning to give your living room a much-needed makeover but need help with the colour schemes and coordinating a new look? Or maybe something bigger? Let Fit & Proper Design help you!

With over 19 years of experience in designing and revamping both residential and commercial/retail sectors, we merge our knowledge and creativity to design sleek and vibrant spaces that perfectly reflect the unique style and needs of a project or person.
We endeavour to bring the personal relationship and attention to detail that working on a private residence requires to a commercial office environment. At the same time, we aim to use the building practises that bring cost-effectiveness of the retail and commercial sector into the residential projects to improve build quality and reduce build time and costs.

Our approach is strategic yet simple and we ensure that we tailor our design solutions to match your vision and budget. Furthermore, our pursuit of environmentally friendly designs ensures that you have that confidence that not only do we deliver a high quality and bespoke product that you will be proud to enjoy because of its environmental credentials.

We will involve you at every stage throughout the process and will finalise a design proposal that you will be happy with. We aim to keep our rates very reasonable and the initial consultation fee will be discounted if the project progresses. For a sophisticated and contemporary design and exceptional service that will surpass expectations, please contact us to discuss more about your requirements and we can move forward to the next stage.